Author and photographer of Hip Pocket Guide Perth, Girl-in-the-Know, Danielle Prowse, is your first point of contact when you want to find out what’s going on, going down and going around town.

A Perth native, her knowledge of all things WA extends far beyond the urban sprawl thanks to her years spent travelling the state photographing the regions, their peoples and their landscapes. Her skin is steeped in the red dirt of WA, as is her heart.

But that’s not to contend that she’s not also a girl of the world, Danielle has lived, worked and experienced life in Marseille, Tokyo, Melbourne and Tasmania and has travelled around Australia, Europe, Asia, the USA and the Middle East.

Where Danielle has travelled so too has her camera, capturing life and the land in all its magnificent forms from summer music festivals in Perth to sunsets in San Francisco, disco taxis in Damascus to the Gormley statues at Lake Ballard, mosaics in Morocco to Harajuku girls on Jingu Bridge in Tokyo.

Through her success in this industry as well as her photojournalism experience, Danielle is now a sought out tourism and social media freelancer.