New Norcia Library

I'm back home in Perth for a few weeks and I found an old hard drive at mums.  Going through the hard drive made me realise I have a lot of precious images in my collection. Including these ones. 

I feel so privileged that in the entire history of New Norcia, I'm one of just a handful of women (literally only about 5 women have been inside) who have not only been inside the Monastery at New Norcia, but also the beautiful library. Both the Monastery and Benedictines library is off limits to the public. These images are 10 years old and have never been made public, they are also the only official images that have been taken (that I know of) of the library.

The shoot came about by default and by being in the right place at the right time. I just happened to be in New Norcia shooting the art gallery when I was asked if I could take a shot of the library for the Benedictines. The library had been selected to be featured in an international calendar of religious libraries of the world and the monks needed to submit an image. The sixth image is the one used that was featured in the calendar. 

I got the gig then and there and didn't charge them. It was a complete honour to be invited inside.

When visiting New Norcia the Monastery looks so old and decrepit on the outside however once you are inside the library is perfectly preserved and in pristine condition. I was there for total of 20 minutes I just had to take a couple of quick snaps. but I could of stayed there for an entire day wishing I could have documented a monk reading or simply sitting in the library.  

I'm sure you'll agree its a beautiful space and one of Western Australia's most well preserved, best kept secrets.